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攝影師,美國加州查普曼大學(Chapman University—Dodge College of Film and Media Arts)電影攝影藝術碩士,2020美國攝影師工會學生獎得主,金馬電影學院攝影學員。作品類型涵跨劇情、紀錄、實驗、廣告、MV,入圍並獲獎於多國影展。



Ai Chung, a cinematographer from Taipei, Taiwan, earned her MFA in Film Production-Cinematography from Chapman University.

She is the winner of 2020 ASC Michael Chapman Student Heritage Award, and a cinematography fellow at 2020 Golden Horse Film Academy. Her works are selected and won in numerous international film festivals, including shorts Wild Grass (47th Student Academy Alternative/Experimental Finalist), and Mathilda (Best Cinematography from Top Shorts, Los Angeles Cinematography Awards, Florence Film Awards, Tagore, Around, Five Continents International Film festivals, all in 2020). Her feature debut, World of Tales, is currently in post-production.

Her visual approach embraces multicultural and feminine sensibility, which could be simultaneously impromptu, yet carefully composed. She concentrates on capturing the soul of affectivity and embodying delicate awareness to visual images.

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