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攝影師,美國加州查普曼大學(Chapman University—Dodge College of Film and Media Arts)電影攝影藝術碩士,2020年美國電影攝影師協會(ASC)傳承獎得主,第十二屆金馬電影學院攝影學員



Ai Chung, a cinematographer from Taipei, Taiwan, earned her MFA in Film Production-Cinematography from Chapman University in 2020. Her visual approach embraces multicultural and feminine sensibility, which could be simultaneously impromptu, yet carefully composed. She concentrates on capturing the soul of affectivity and embodying delicate awareness to visual images.

She is the winner of 2020 ASC Michael Chapman Student Heritage Award, and a cinematography fellow at 2020 Golden Horse Film Academy. Her works are selected and won in numerous international film festivals. Her feature debut, World of Tales, is currently in post-production.

Find more about Ai’s story in the interview for VoyageLA magazine



  • Feature/長片
·《童話世界》World of Tales (2022) (後製中)

  • Series/影集 
·《第⼀次遇⾒花香的那刻》The Fragrance of The First Flower (2021) 

2021 日本東京國際影展 Tokyo International Film Festival-TIFF Series
2021 法國里爾歐洲最大劇集競賽 Festival SERIES MANIA-Short Forms Competition

  • Short/短片
·《然》 A Young Tough (2020)

2020 美國電影攝影師協會傳承獎 ASC Student Heritage Award 得主
2020 中國山西 賈樟柯藝術中心 86358電影節 86358 Short Film Festival 最佳攝影
2021 德國柏林International Short Film Festival Berlin International Competition
2021 法國克萊蒙費宏國際短片市場展 Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market
2021 美國加州 Cinequest Film Festival
2021 法國巴黎 Young Director Award 

·《狂草》 Wild Grass (2020)

2021 布魯塞爾獨立電影節 Brussels Independent Film Festival 最佳實驗短片
2020 美國學生奧斯卡最佳實驗片 Student Academy Awards 半決選
2021 法國克萊蒙費宏國際短片市場展 Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market 
2021 瑞典 Odense International Film Festival  
2021 台灣國際女性影展 Women Makes Waves-Taiwan Competition 
2021 美國亞美電影節 Asian American International Film Festival-Taiwan: Lost & Found program 
2021 佛羅里達 Florida Film Festival
2021 克羅地亞 25 FPS Festival-Competition 2: Exposure
2021 蒙古 Golden Ger International Film Festival

·《野蠻叢生》 Wild Seed (2020)

2021 美國羅德島 Rhode Island International Film Festival-THE MARLYN MASON AWARD 評審團獎
2021 洛杉磯 CAA (Creative Artists Agency) Moebius Film Festival
2021 洛杉磯 LA Shorts International Film Festival
2021 瑞典 Odense International Film Festival
2021 科索沃 Dokufest International Documentary and Short Film Festival 
2021 法國巴黎 Young Director Award

·Mathilda (2019)

2020 阿姆斯特丹 Around International Film Festival 最佳攝影
2020 印度 Tagore International Film Festival 最佳攝影
2020 義大利 Florence Film Awards 最佳攝影、最佳短片
2020 美國 Top Shorts Film Festival 最佳攝影、最佳學生短片
2020 洛杉磯 Los Angeles Cinematography Awards (LACA) 最佳學生攝影
2020 洛杉磯 Los Angeles Film Awards 榮譽提及攝影、最佳學生短片
2020 布拉格 Prague International Indie Film Festival 榮譽提及攝影
2020 洛杉磯 Festigious International Film Festival 榮譽提及攝影
2020 洛杉磯 Independent Shorts Awards, 2020 April 最佳學生短片
2020 洛杉磯 Indie Short Fest 最佳學生短片

·Home: A Story of Forced Adoptions in America (2019)

2020 洛杉磯 IndieX Film Festival 最佳女性短片

·Director’s Success or: How I Learn to Shoot A Film (2018)

2018 聖地牙哥 San Diego Asian film festival